Wrestlmania 25 watch, Monday RAW recap

wm25.jpgShawn Michaels talks to the crowd about wrestling Undertaker. Shawn says that Undertaker’s 16-0 streak is impressive. Shawn says he sent Undertaker some videos of his career highlightsthat to show Undertaker that he’s no slouch at show stopping performances. Shawn says he respects the Undertaker, but isn’t afraid of him.

The lights dim and an Undertaker promo runs on the screen. The cameras cut back to Shawn leaning on the ropes with Undertaker behind him! Shawn says, “Hello, Undertaker, I’ve been expecting you.” The two trade words in the ring and Undertaker promises to take Shawn’s soul at WrestleMania now that’s he’s opened Hell’s gates.

JBL defeated CM Punk to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Randy Orton just couldn’t keep his hands off the Game. He and the Legacy attacked HHH and Randy kicked HHH in the head on last week’s SmackDown! On Monday’s Raw, Randy Orton was interviewed back him with his wife and says he’s quite proud of his self control to stop right there. Randy says he’s confident Triple H will show at WrestleMania and confident he’ll show at Raw. Randy warns that every time Triple H turns up, he will take a little more out of the Game, leaving just enough for WrestleMania. There’s more….

Vickie Guerrero has officially confirmed a 25 Diva Battle Royal at Wrestlemania featuring divas from Raw, SmackDown, ECW and past WWE Divas. The winner will be the 1st ever “Miss. WrestleMania”.

Edge and Big Show officially signed for the WrestleMania 25 World Championship Contract on RAW Out comes John Cena who promptly confesses his love for Vickie and then signs the contract and leaves the ring. Edge tells Vickie to snap out of it- Cena doesn’t love her, he’s confusing her- and Cena admits it’s true. Then Cena shows Big Show and Vickie sharing a kiss in the Office, taken courtesy of friends at last week’s show, which happens to be his home town. Edge is pissed and Big Show quietly leaves the ring to Edge and a crying Vickie.

We got to see the first Divas Champion vs. Women’s Champion match ever on Monday’s Raw. All the Divas from both shows are there. Maryse picks up a victory over Melina after a misstep by the Women’s Champion. Rosa Mendes goes for Melina after the match, leading to a brawl that ends with the faces inside and the heels tossed out of the ring.

Congratulations to former WWF superstar Koko B for being confirmed at RAW for the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame class!

Christian fans who are worried that Christian may not be utilized by WWE relax! Christian paired up with Rey Mysterio and Finlay to take on World Tag Team Champions The Miz and John Morrison and Kan on Monday’s Raw. We also have a spoiler for ECW- Christian has qualified for the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania 25 by defeating Chavo Guerroro Jr. on Tuesday’s ECW.

Did we mention that big talker Orton spent RAW safe back home with the family? Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were schedules for a handicap match with an irate HHH- but the game no shows! Orton’s on the screen telling a celebrating Legacy they have nothing to smile about, as Hunter not showing tonight means he may not show for WrestleMania.

Then the doorbell rings.

Orten tells his very hot wife Samantha to answer the door and then tells her not to answer. Doesn’t make a difference to HHH with a sledgehammer! HHH smashes down the door and stalks Orton’s home, looking for Orton. Orton tries to ambush HHH with a golf club and gets slammed into a lamp, a wall and then Orton gets thrown through a window! The police arrive and arrest HHH while holding back Orton as the show goes off the air! That, is an absolutely awesome RAW finish!

The build up to WrestleMania continues!

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