Joseph Rogers screws Balls Mahoney and Justin Credible

ballsmahoneysmall.jpgFrom Chris Rougeau:

Indy wrestling promoter Joseph Rogers of the now defunct EWA wrestling promotion out of Butler, Pennsylvania, ran a show this past Saturday night with former ECW wrestlers Balls Mahoney and Justin Credible. During Mahoney’s match, the promoter took the money from the show and left the building without paying anyone including the building, video crew, ring crew, pizza delivery service and talent.

Wrestling agent/promoter Marvin Ward released the following statement regarding the ordeal:

Back in November, we were contacted by Joseph Rogers, in Butler, PA, about Justin Credible appearing on his March 7 show. He was a complete idiot from day one. He didn’t send the payment until 2 weeks before the show and had 1001 excuses on why, and the payment was in the form of a started check that I am amazed it didn’t bounce. He didn’t book the plane tickets until 3 days before the event.

The event was a joke. The crowd of 500 people which he claimed would be there was actually 69. When we got there, he expected for Justin to wrestle 2 matches in the horribly stiff ring that had no give whatsoever and to keep his gimmick money. Apparently, while Balls Mahoney, who was with us, was wrestling his match, the promoter left town without paying anybody. Justin Credible refused to wrestle after Balls got screwed, and most of the other talent on the show did.

We proceeded to go to this scumbag’s house, who obviously wasn’t home. He also f***** the building on rent, he stiffed the pizza delivery boy, and he screwed the video production crew also. This clown was also announcing his April 4 show, which will obviously not be happening now. Now, this idiot left in such a hurry, he forgot to take the ticket stubs, so we took them back to the hotel and counted them. There were 69 tickets sold, with a grand total of $1,039 being made.

There is being a class action lawsuit

filed against this clown so everyone who got screwed, will get what they are owed. This morning, Joseph Rogers deleted his MySpace and email account. His personal email account is

-Nathan Ward, Justin Credible, and Balls Mahoney


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