Bret Hart not returning to WWE, RAW heel heat

bret.jpegBret Hart recently commented that he would never appear on another WWE broadcast. Bret didn’t slam the product and said that he sees good things in the Orton-McMahons feud and thinks there are some talent that wrestle pretty good.

Bret Hart said, “”I don’t ever want to be in a position where I have to work and actually expect to make a check from (WWE). I’ve already made a contract with them that they broke, and I don’t think you can really do business with them after that. I don’t want to be a character in wrestling at all. I don’t want to do that again anymore.” Bret says he hasn’t talked to Vince since his book came out, but believes he’s on cordial terms with Vince these days.

Raw had two great heel spots today- Jericho using a mock ‘Piper’s Pit’ to interview, attack and humiliate Jimmy Snuka. Jericho taunts Snucka about a beatdown by Piper in the old pit with a coconut. Jericho starts throwing fruit at Snuka until Snuka snatches a coconut out his Jericho’s hands and chases him off with it. Snucka has time to make a classic pose on one knee to his music and ‘wham’, Jericho knocks down the stage, attacks Snucka and shoves a banana down his throat! That’s some serious heat leading into Wrestlemania. Mickey Rourke’s not going to wrestle, but he’s taken the liberty of walking around with a title belt around his waist…but he’s not wrestling (note the sarcasm: he’s goinna wrestle!). These disperate threads are going to tie together down the line, you betcha.

Orton’s a dangerous heel, Orton’s Shane McMahon’s b*tch, which one is it? Orton’s walking around with his own entourage of third generation wrestlers, lawyers and security gaurds. This time he’s going to stare down HHH in the ring, mad as hell at Orton for laying hands on his wife, Stephanie McMahon. Orton says that he’s going to get Legacy thrown in jail for assault with a deadly weapon. HHH comes out with his sledgehammer, then drops it and enters the ring. HHH cuts a good promo where he works his way under Orton’s skin, telling him he’s afraid to meet him again, but something he has to do ‘to avenge the past.’ Nice work. Orton’s temper flares and he goes from not meeting HHH at Wrestlemania to game on! Orton throws out the ‘can’t touch me until Wrestlemania’ clause unless physically provoked or he goes to jail and then gets in some game time of his own. Orton says that it felt good to kick the old man in the head, kicking Shane was even better, but it felt like nothing compared to delivering the RKO to Stephanie. This brings HHH back to the ring for a staredown. So, who’s going to physically provoke the other first, the Game or the Legend Killer? It’s good drama waiting to see it happen, as there’s no way this truce is going to last to Wrestlemania.

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