*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results 02.25.09

foley2.jpgTNA’s way ahead on their tapings for iMPACT!…here’s the results for 2/25. Just click on more to view…

Written by Richard Gray & Julio Hernandez

TNA Wrestling taped this week’s edition of Impact from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida earlier this evening. Below are exclusive taping results by myself and Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Julio Hernandez. Please do not reprint these results without giving a link to WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

TNA Impact (Airing this week on Spike TV):

* The Beautiful People w/Cut Kip b. Taylor Wilde & Madison Rayne when Velvet Sky pins Taylor Wilde after Rayne turns on Wilde.

* TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money, Inc. b. The Rock N’ Rave Infection in an “Off The Wagon Challenge” when Robert Roode pinned Lance Rock after James Storm hit him with one of the tag titles. As we have been reporting here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com, Rock and Rave after finished with TNA Wrestling as their contract were not re-upped.

* Mike Tenay is in the ring interviewing the Main Event Mafia. Tenay asks whether or not Kurt Angle and Sting will fight for the TNA Championship at Destination X. Nash interrupts and says he is the spokesman for the group and tries to make peace. Jeff Jarrett comes out and officially announces Sting vs. Kurt Angle for the TNA Championship at Destination X. Booker T grabs the mic and insults Jeff Jarrett by saying he has no right to make the match. Jarrett says he does and the contract will be signed tonight.

* Don West cuts a heel promo towards Mike Tenay at the broadcast table. West says he heard Tenay was involved in meetings about West’s contract. West leaves the broadcast position, throwing the mic at Tenay. Tenay is stunned.

* Alex Shelley b. Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, & Consequences Creed to retain in a four-way X Division Championship Ladder Match. Suicide hit the ring after the match and took out all four guys in the ring.

* Sojournor Bolt & Rhaka Khan cut an in-ring promo. They challenge Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed to a match.

* Sojournor Bolt & Rhaka Khan b. Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed. Sojournor gets the win with the pin on Raisha.

* Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to the ring for the Kurt Angle vs. Sting contract signing for Destination X. The Main Event Mafia with their bodyguards minus Sting come to the ring. Nash reiterates what he said earlier, the match will not happen. Jarrett asks Angle who is the leader of the Main Event Mafia. Jarrett insults Angle. Angle grabs the clipboard and signs the contract for the match. After he signs, he hits Jarrett in the head. Angle follows it up with an Olympic Slam as Mick Foley runs out to try and make the save. Angle puts on the ankle lock. Sting comes out with his baseball bat and hits Angle in the back. Sting helps Jarrett to his feet, then Foley, then signs the contract to make the match official to end this week’s edition of Impact.

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