*SPOILERS* Complete TNA Impact Spoilers For 03.05.09

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No Don West announcing

– Alex Shelley defeated Kiyoshi. Suicide came out and laid out Shelley again.

– LAX challenged Beer Money for the tag titles

Mick Foley & Sting came out. Foley started talking about Mickey Rourke not winning the Oscar. He said he could have ended up like Randy the Ram if he hadn’t dropped an elbow on Sting all those years ago. Then he wouldn’t have had to write a letter to Sports Illustrated either. Sting saved his career, you know, by taking the elbow. So now he wants to pay Sting back. He’s releasing him from his contract so he can accept a WWE Hall of Fame nomination. No, actually he welcomes him back to TNA. But Sting said he has no problem with anyone in the Mafia except Kurt Angle. The rest of the Mafia came out. Nash said that the movie “The Wrestler” sucked. Didn’t he get the memo from Vince that now you are supposed to like it? Nash tells Sting that he can face Angle and the belt with stay in the family either way, or he can turn his back on his family.

Kurt Angle beat up Jay Lethal and stole his suit

– LAX defeated Beer Money via DQ after a chair shot, so nobody leaves town but no title change either. Team 3-D then challenged Beer Money at Destination X

Angle and Jarrett ended up brawling until Jarrett threw Angle out of the building and slammed the door on him.

(credit: wrestlingobserver.com)

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