‘Don’t Charge Verne Gagne’, says Gutmann’s daughter

gagne.jpegRuth Hennig is saying that Gagne, 83, should not be held responsible for the death of her 97 year-old father because he has Alzheimer’s disease. Ruth’s father, Helmut Gutmann, died after reportedly being pushed by Verne Gagne. Earlier this week the coroner ruled the death a homicide. Both Gagne and Gutmann were living together in a nursing home’s dementia unit. Hennig said in a n email to the Pioneer Press: “I do think that the coroner’s ‘homicide’ finding raises concerning questions about the precautions that nursing facilities need to take in caring for patients with Alzheimer’s. It’s hard enough for people and families who are afflicted with Alzheimer’s. They shouldn’t also hage to worry about hphysical vulnerabitlities or the risk of harm.”

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