“The Blue Print” Matt Morgan a superhero?, Midway continues to develop TNA sequal

mattmorgan.jpegSources close to the Matt Morgan Camp learned that “The Blue Print” Matt Morgan has been in talks with Marvel about possibly appearing in one of their upcoming films. Morgan was first approached about the possibly making a cameo appearance in the upcoming summer blockbuster “Iron Man 2” which is nearing post production. Marvel’s rival DC Comics has also expressed interest in working with the Morgan. The present idea being thrown around is casting Morgan in the role of a main villain for a later episode of the CW’s Hit Show “Smallville”.

Miday may be bankruptcy, but they haven’t stopped working on the sequel to TNA’s wrestling game. Midway has been bought by a private investor who hopes to use the brand sometime in the future. Reports are Midway owes TNA $160,000. Continuing to work on the sequel shows a lot of good faith.

Paul London recently said in an interview that he has no respect for Matt Hardy. “I know more about this guy than the average fan and I just don’t respect him.”

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