Christian debutes on ECW, TNA talent update, TNA kills Brutus Magnum’s momentum

brutusmagnus.jpegChristian made with WWE return tonight on a rar live episode of ECW. Christian came out and cut a promo challanging Jack Swagger for hie ECW Title and then smacked Swagger in the head with the microphone.

Reports are that Eric Young, Petey Wiliams and Lance Rock have all been cut. Both Eric and Petey have been buried on the losing end of a losers leave TNA tag team match at tonight’s taping. We hope we can blame the economy and not their relationship with TNA.

This will really weaken the X Division further, which makes us wonder how commited TNA is these days to their X Division. Is there any storyline for X Division? Is TNA’s strategy to be a WWE-light replica of their competition?

TNA has signed on a Team3D Academy student, “Big” Rob Terry, to a two year contract.

Apparently in the TNA (Bizarro) Wrestling Universe, you build a wrestler with promos forever, give them a two week push and then bury them. This way, you spend a lot of time and energy accomplishing nothing. Brutus Magnum lost clean against Homicide at last night’s iMPACT! taping. That makes the born and bred gladiator the latest victim of swerve-crazy Russo and Jarrett. You look unbeatable if you always lose. Hello, I go now.

In another pocket of the Bizarro Universe, the Y2J story is getting a lot of attention. Poor Ashley Levey got punched by big, bad Jericho. Our faith in journalistic entegrity is has taken a huge hit, as we’re wondering if any of the national syndicates have bothered to do any research on this story before running it. We’ve posted a video of the attack (by which I mean Ashley and her dweeb boyfreind attacking Jericho) that you should check out.

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