2009 TNA Against All Odds PPV Results

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Complete TNA Against All Odds PPV Results

Sunday, February 8, 2009
Orlando, Florida

The show opened with cameras showing the arrival of the participants for the main event. The Main Event Mafia rolled up in a stretch Hummer limousine, but without Sting. Brother Ray and Devon arrived together in a PT Cruiser convertible. Sting, meanwhile, arrived alone in one hell of a nice Corvette.

X-Division Championship Match
Alex Shelley (c) vs. Eric Young
Winner: Alex Shelley
Via: Roll up on Young while Young had his back turned and was aruing with the referee.
Notes: Lots of near falls in this match. Not a bad opening match, not a great opening match.

A couple of players from the Detroit Tigers are shown in the audience.

JB is shown in the back with Kurt Angle. JB asks him about his statements as of late about the Main Event Mafia and Sting. Angle said that there is no doubt in his mind that the two will be able to get along tonight. Regardless of who wins the title the MEM will be closer than ever after tonight.

“Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams vs. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner
Winner: Scott Steiner
Via: Steiner Screwdriver (Suplex / Pile Driver combination)
Notes: Many times in the match Steiner would go to pin Williams only to pull Williams up at the count of two and proceed to do some more showboating. The crowd chanted “this is boring” at various points in the match.

After the match, Steiner got on the mic and said that this is how he finishes the job and hits Williams with a Fall Away Slam from the second rope. Samoa Joe’s music hits and he appears on the jumbo-tron. He says that Steiner is one of the five responsible for the sins that he is about to commit.

JB is in the back with Mick Foley with Sting. Foley will be commentating the main event tonight and he says that he has nothing but respect for everybody in the ring in the main event tonight. Sting said that coming from Foley it meant a lot. Sting is putting over his rivalry with Angle and downplays it at the same time. However, he said that he doesn’t plan to lose tonight.

Brutus Magnus vs. Chris Sabin
Winner: Brutus Magnus
Via: Spinning Fall Away Slam
Notes: TNA announced that Rhino would be taking on Magnus on its pre-show. But Sabin got the match instead…

Before the match, Magnus got on the mic and pretty much talked down to Americans.

Lauren interviewed Brother Ray & Brother Devon backstage. Devon says that they know what they have to do to capture the TNA World Heavyweight Title. He adds that they are in the same boat as Sting and Angle because there can only be one winner in the match tonight. Ray said that when Devon retires he should become a motivational speaker because he got goosebumps listening to him. Ray adds that after winning 21 tag team titles you ask yourself whether or not you could do it by yourself. Dudley blood is thicker than water he said. Then he invited Lauren to join them as they went and talked to Sting.

TNA Women’s Knockout Championship Match
Awesome Kong (c) vs. ODB
Winner: Awesome Kong
Via: Implant Buster
Notes: Before the match Jim Cornette came out and told the Kongtourage that if they didn’t leave before he counted to 10, Kong would have to forfeit the title. The match itself saw ODB hit Kong with a scoop slam. Impressive.

In the back Team 3D is with Sting. Ray says that he knows how Sting really feels. He knows that Sting walked away from the beat down MEM gave Ray two months ago, but he didn’t intervene. Ray adds that tonight Sting has the opportunity to do the right thing. He says that if the old Sting shows up Team 3D has his back. Lauren tells Sting that Kurt Angle wants to talk to him. Sting responds that he’ll talk to Kurt on his own time.

TNA Legends Championship Match
Booker T (c) (w/ Sharmell) vs. Shane Sewell
Winner: Booker T
Via: Axe Kick to the back of the head
Notes: Booker won after Sharmell interfered in the match. Booker T was about to continue the beating of Sewell but AJ Styles ran out making his grand return and tossed Booker out of the ring. The crowd popped pretty hard for his return.

AJ then got on the mic while holding the Legend’s Title Belt across his shoulder. He said that what got him to where he is was a dream. But it wasn’t just that. He wanted to be a legend. He said he gives the people everything that he has every single night. It’s time for him to step up and be a legend and calls out the Main Event Mafia.

Lauren is in the back with Matt Morgan. Lauren said that Abyss still cared for Morgan and that she can personally talk to him. Morgan said that he was there to beat Abyss’ ass and tell Lauren to shut up and that if she even thinks about coming to the ring he will lay her ass out too.

Matt Morgan vs. Abyss
Winner: Abyss
Via: Black Hole Slam
Notes: Morgan wrestled with a shirt on as a result of his staph infection. The first ref took a bump from a chair shot so a second ref had to run in as Abyss was hitting Morgan with a second Black Hole Slam for the win.

JB is in the back with the Main Event Mafia where Kurt Angle talks nicely to Sting and reminds him of the pact that the group made in Las Vegas when they formed. Sting agrees with the points Angle made and hugs it out with him. After he leaves, Angle tells Kevin Nash to keep an eye on Sting.

TNA Tag Team Title Match
Beer Money, Inc. (c) vs. Lethal Consequences
Winner: Beer Money, Inc.
Via: Chain punch to the face on Lethal
Notes: Decent match with good back and forth. Lethal Consequences really put over that they don’t give up.

TNA Heavyweight Title Match
Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon
Winner: Sting
Via: Scorpion Death Drop on Brother Devon
Notes: Mick Foley joined Don and Mike on commentary for the match and is slated to award the belt to the winner of the match. The match was about what you would expect except for the chain wrestling between Ray & Devon. After the match Kurt Angle sold that he was pissed that he didn’t win the title.

The show closed with a promo for Destination X.

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