Jericho fan incident at WWE RAW ECW Live event in Victoria

In Canada, if, in interacting with a person, you convince that person that he/she is in immenent danger of being battered, you may have committed the crime of assault. Physically touching a person without permission to do so is battery. That’s the legal definition of assault and battery in Canada.

Chris Jericho is a wrestler and works in a world where all disputed involve assault and all disputes are settled in the ring. Y2J steps out and starts walking to the ring, the audience is allowed to cheer of to jeer Jericho. If you lay a hand on Jericho, you’re going to get your ass kicked. That’s inside the arena. Out in public Jericho lives in the same world as everyone else. He’s a private citizen and you’d better treat him like you expect others to treat you, or- you could get your ass sued. You threaten Jericho in a parking lot and you attack Jericho and you’ll face criminal charges and you could face a tort of assault and battery from Jericho himself.

So, if you decide you just have to jump in front of Jericho’s vehicle and start smacking the hood with your hands, slam Jericho’s car door on his face when he tries to exit his vehicle and then physically and verbally assault Jericho- YOU ARE AN IDIOT! If you attack Y2J and he responds by pushing you to the ground, you are guilty of battery and Jericho is legally defending himself. If you think Jericho has to remain in a situation that puts him in danger until the police show up- you are wrong again.

So, to the gaggle of idiots who put Jericho in harm’s way after the WWE event in Victoria, we have some advice. Stop acting entitled, privileged or morally in the right. You are none of that. You are not in a position to lay charges. You are not in a positiion to sue. You should take some good advice, have a lawyer make a formal apology on your behalf to Jericho for acting like a jerk and then pray that Jericho forgets you ever existed.

As for security out in the parking lot- what was that cluster about? It appears that there wasn’t enough security in the lot to handle what was happening. Security should have kept the assaultants away from Jericho and his van. Security should have kept the crowd away from Jericho. They should have been doing their job and they clearly weren’t. Jericho was clearly in harm’s way and Jericho was forced to take measures to get himself out of an uncontrolled and dangerous situation. Oh, that’s also security’s job, for the record.

This whole situation is leaving a bad taste in our mouths.

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