JR on ‘The Wrestler’

jr.jpegJR spoke about The Wrestler recently while doing his Q&A,

‘A friend sent me a link to something some idiot said about me essentially saying that I only went to see the film “The Wrestler” because WWE management told me to. That’s one of the more stupid things I have read in a while. The Mrs and I watched the movie twice, at home on a DVD provided to me, if it matters. I still plan on going to see “The Wrestler” at a theater to enjoy it in that atmosphere as well and I encourage any fan to check out this compelling drama.

‘Mickey Rourke seems like a likable guy as depicted on The Larry King Show on CNN this week. I caught the replay while in Indianapolis and was entertained by Rourke’s laid back banter and mild rebuttal to Chris Jericho as the two of them discussed various possibilities at Wrestlemania 25. If Rourke and Jericho were ever to meet in a wrestling ring, I wonder how many die hard wrestling fans would boo the Golden Globe winning actor and cheer the controversial Jericho? Second question is, does it matter if there is a backside every 18″?’

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