Mickey Rourke not wrestling at Wrestemania

matt_hardy.jpgMickey Rourke’s handlers have moved quickly to reign in their comeback star and keep him from tanking his Oscar chances by participating in Wrestlemania. On Wednesday, Rourke’s spokeswoman Paula Woods sent an e-mail to the Associated Press that Rourke won’t wrestle Jericho. Woods wrote Rourke “will not be participating in WrestleMania. He is focusing entirely on his acting career.”

So, what happens? Hollywood steps in and tells Rourke that if he tries wrestling for real, he loses his Oscar. Maybe he gets sent back to acting winter again and this time for keeps.

Or, is it all an angle and even Mickey Rourk’s handlers are in on it?

And there we have the beginning of a great WWE wrestling vs Hollywood elites feud. Rourke returned to boxing way past his prime just to see if he could do it. You’d better believe he wants to give wrestling a try. If Rourke wrestles at Wrestlemania for a lark, the crowd is going to boo him. If Rourke defies Hollywood and risks his acting career to wrestle at Wrestlemania because it’s something he ‘has to do’, does that make him a babyface? Are you fed up with Hollywood snobs looking down on wrestling? Well, that makes Rourke our babyface. If you don’t buy Rourke wrestling, then go cheer Jericho. Point is, this the right catalyst for a great Rourke- Jericho feud and…a great performance.

Some of the greatest hollywood stories revolve around the brilliant but flawed hero who can’t help but act on his convictions, even if it costs him his dreams. Some of our personal favorite examples would include, Robert De Niro as Rupert Pupkin in ‘The King of Comedy’ and Kevin Costner as Roy McAvoy in ‘Tin Cup.’ Rourke is definately a hero with ‘a fatal flaw.’

Byron Robinson for the Piledriver speculated recently that since the Oscars take place on Feb. 22, still about a month and a half before WrestleMania, a possible in-ring deal with Rourke could return to the table after the Oscars. We respect Mickey Rourke’s handlers for trying to give Rourke a bit of immortality by helping him win an oscar. We think if Rourke wants a legacy, he should act on his impulse, give Hollywood the finger and give the greatest performance of his life not in a movie, but in the squared circle.

WWE.com is now reporting a more subdued story, that Rourke will be attending Wrestlemania as a special guest of WWE, there to support the wrestlers. Rourke will not be there to wrestle, of course.

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