*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT! 1.29.09

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Rhis week’s edition of Impact was tapoedfrom Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

TNA Impact (Airing this Thursday on Spike TV):

– The show starts with the main street mafia taking over! Scott Steiner, Booker T, and Kevin Nash come out and go to the announcer table. Nash and Booker chase off Don West and Mike Tenay. Scott Steiner runs off ring announcer David Penzer.

– A video is shown of Kurt Angle in the TNA office taking over. Jim Cornette confronts him and Angle tells him he can do whatever the Main Event Mafia wants to do.

– Sharmell takes over Lauren’s job as the backstage interviewer. Sharmell exchanges insults with ODB.

1) The Kongtourage (Raisha Saeed & Rhaka Khan) defeat ODB via pinfall in a handicap match.

– A video is shown of Kurt Angle being happy with how the production of the show is going. Jim Cornette is still in his office. Jeremy Borash warns Angle of bringing Mick Foley back up.

– Sharmell is backstage with the referees. She says that Booker T will take on referees Andrew Thomas and Rudy Charles in a handicap match.

2) Booker T defeats Referees Andrew Thomas & Rudy Charles in a handicap match.
– After the match, Shane Sewell comes out and attacks Booker. Booker ends up laying him out.

– A video is shown of Kurt Angle. Sting is upset at Angle for putting him in a handicap match against Team 3D.

– Sharmell interviews Matt Morgan backstage. She asks him about his upcoming match against Petey Williams. Petey will be forced to have one hand tied behind his back for the bout.

3) Matt Morgan defeat Petey Williams via pinfall. After the match, Morgan, Booker T, and Scott Steiner beat up on Williams. Eric Young, Jay Lethal, and Consequences Creed hit the ring to try and make the save.

– Sharmell interviews the Motor City Machineguns. She asks them why they didn’t help out Petey in which they responded with a sarcastic answer.

– Team 3D comes out and cuts an in-ring promo.

4) Team 3D defeats TNA Champion Sting via disqualification in a handicap match when the Main Event Mafia run in the ring. LAX, Abyss, and Mick Foley come out to make the save.

– Mick Foley cuts a promo in the ring, saying that the Main Event Mafia’s reign of taking over the show is over. He announces that Hernandez will get another TNA Championship match at a later date. Mick Foley makes two matches for later tonight. First a weapons match, Abyss vs. Scott Steiner, but Abyss is the only one allowed to use weapons. The second match is a handicap match, Kurt Angle vs. LAX.

– Jim Cornette announces Booker T vs. Shane Sewell for Against All Odds.

5) Abyss defeats Scott Steiner in a hardcore weapons match (where Steiner is not allowed to use weapons) via disqualification when Steiner used a pipe. Suicide came out after the match to make the save.

– Lauren interviews a couple of cowboys plugging a bull riding show for Spike TV. Beer Money, Inc. interrupts the segment.

6) Kurt Angle defeats LAX via pinfall after an Olympic Slam on Homicide.

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