J-Lo Brown coming to ROH

dlobrown.jpegMulti-Time Champion Headed To ROH

ROH officials have been speaking with one of the top names in professional wrestling about a possible engagement in Florida. More details to follow…

Earlier today, as part of the ROH Newswire, Ring of Honor made the preceding announcement. Now with the negotiations put to bed, we can officially announce which top shelf competitor will be making their way to ROH during the “Proving Ground ’09” weekend in Florida. It’s a weekend in which many different competitors will be given an opportunity to showcase their skills for the first time in Ring of Honor, and we are proud to announce the addition of one more name.

On February 7th in Orlando, FL, for one night only, D-Lo Brown will look to prove himself inside the ROH ring. D-Lo is a former WWF Intercontinental & European champion, a former NWA World Tag Champion, and a former GHC Heavyweight Tag Champion. Now he is looking to forge a name for himself here in ROH. “I hear how great the wrestlers in ROH are,” said D-Lo. “And I look forward to showing the fans that it’s okay to still be down with the brown. After the 7th in Orlando, I’m sure all of ROH will be too.”

The question remains: who D-Lo will face in Orlando? ROH officials will have that announcement next in the Newswire!

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