Details on WWE Diva?s Release

Kristal MarshallWhy was Kristal cut from the roster?

Though WWE has yet to publicly comment on Kristal’s release, reports are circulating regarding what led to the end of the parties’ relationship. reports that WWE released Kristal due to her disinterest in participating in a scheduled SmackDown! storyline.

According to the report, WWE was to soon reveal that Edge was the mastermind behind Kristal’s seduction of Theodore Long. The idea was that Edge was using Kristal to get back at Long for stripping his World Championship earlier in the year. The storyline would result in Edge and a sexed-up Kristal forming a tandem similar to the Edge-Lita duo that created buzz on RAW.

Kristal supposedly objected to the sexuality of the storyline. She also continued expressing a desire to be moved to RAW, which is the home roster for her real-life boyfriend Bobby Lashley. Both performers have been pushing to receive the opportunity to travel together.

WWE officials ultimately concluded that Kristal was too expendable to have an unwillingness to play ball with the script. She was released.

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