Eric Bischoff lays into Matt Hardy

matt_hardy.jpgEric Bischoff and Matt Hardy are feuding on their blogs.

It’s hard to justify talking about binging with your brother in one breath and being more responsible about your career than others before you in one breath. Eric was pretty direct responding to Matt’s recent blog by calling Matt ‘a friggin goof.’ Eric started by stepping up to defend previous generations of wrestlers, then he got a little off track. There’s no way either Hardy can be referred to as a ‘mid card talent’ at the end of their careers. Still, we admit the original post that started this was full of potential irony and we can see why Eric found himself compelled to respond.

Matt responded to Eric’s criticism by saying he didn’t know or care that Eric had a blog until he heard about Eric’s remarks. Matt responded by pointing out that he was at a New Year’s Eve party like the majority of the adult nation on the first occasion and with the whacky hours he keeps, he was simply wide awake on the second occasion at midnight. Matt says he will stand behind his remarks that this generation of wrestlers are far more financially smart than previous generations and have access to support programs today that didn’t exist back in the day for guys like Jake Roberts. Matt said indirectly that he isn’t his brother and the Wellness Program loves him. Finally, Matt pointed out explicitly that financially, he’s doing ok.

Matt’s biggest point we thought was to say that his brother isn’t his generation. This brings us to what we think is the catalyst of this feud. The generation gap.

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