TNA News: Ariel/Shelly Martinez to Join LAX, Identity of Audience Plant

Indy Diva RainExpect to see some more women receive regular roles in TNA. It looks like they have something for former WWE Diva Shelly “Ariel” Martinez already as she may have appeared on Impact last night.

During a tag team match last night, Roxxi Laveaux came in the ring to distract Homicide by spitting a mist into his face. Moments later a small person affiliated with LAX wearing padding from the excessive clothing, sunglasses and so forth, evened up the odds by giving a weapon to Hernandez to pick up the win. Apparently that was Shelly Martinez under all that clothing.

Indy women’s wrestler Rain, who is a regular in the SHIMMER promotion, appears to be teasing an on screen relationship with Robert Roode. She is the planted fan that keeps holding pro-Roode signs during his matches.

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