WWE Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble and cannot be fired by the Chairman

randyorton.jpegLast Monday, ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton laid the boot to the WWE Chairman so hard the rumour is McMahon had a concussion and a cut ear. Vince’s return (which gave RAW a 3.9) was cut short by the legend killer’s actions, which culminated the most entertaining RAW segment we’ve seen in months. This act would also ‘end’ Orton’s career in the WWE!

Randy dodged the bullet by earning a “guaranteed” WWE or World Title match at WrestleMania 25 by winning the Royal Rumble match! This means that Randy Orton gets to stay at least until WrestleMania. This victory also sets the stage for a great feud with the Chairman, as Vince is going to be pissed that he can’t utter his catch phrase, “You’re fired” and bury Orton. There plenty of room for twists in this feud, as there’s a good chance that one of Vince’s children will join Orton’s stable, pitting the McMahon family against each other and further jacking up the tension.

We think it’s a great development for RAW and will lead to some great episodes leading into WrestleMania.

Question we have is, can Randy Orton put on a program as engaging as Stone Cold Steve Austin versus the Chairman, as many fans are now raving?

Randy Orton earned the victory with the final elimination of Triple H. The final four were Orton, Hunter, and Legacy members Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, eliminated by Hunter before Orton snuck in behind Hunter and eliminated him. WWE has sent a strong signal having three young faces in the final four for the Royal Rumble. By the way, Randy was WAY OVER with crowd.

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