TNA House Show Results at National Stadium, Ireland

tnamaximumimpact.jpegTna held it’s first ever show in Ireland at the 3000 sold out National Stadium

Opening Contest-

Alex Shelly Retained his X Division Championship in a Triple Threat against Doug Williams and Eric Young when Alex pinned E.Y after a sliced Bread. Alex was WAY Over with the crowd.

Up next it was the Beautiful People against ODB and Taylor Wilde. Taylor takes the heat with lots of ODB chants. Velvet Pins ODB with her finisher after being sprayed in the face with hair spray by Angelina. Crowd well into the Beauties.

Joe Defeated Bashir next after Sheik insulted the Irish(Cheap heat). Joe cleaned house with a Muscle Buster in a short enough match. Lots Of JOE JOE JOE and JOE’S GOING TO KILL YOU Chants. Joe looked like he enjoyed it.

Next was match of the night. Team 3D defeated Matt Morgan and Abyss in a number one contenderhips match for the TNA Tag Team Championships(Match to be held the following night in Dublin) In a “Dublin Street Fight”. Brother Ray announced this himself and both teams fought into the croed and into the bleachers. Finish comes with a 3D on Abyss. Brother ray again takes the mic and announces that this is Team 3D’s first ever appearance in Ireland,and proceeds at his attempt at Irish Dancing Mid Ring(Hilarious,Crowd and Team 3D loved it)

A twenty Minute Intermission followed and kids got to go backstage.

Borahs comes out and announces J.J to the ring. Jeff thanks us and says its an honour 7 years to the month that TNA held its first PPV In Nashville to be doing a show in Ireland. he then brings out Foley to a great pop. Foley blabbers on about his Grandmum being Irish(We got a Grandmum Foley chant going which he thanked us for). He mentioned Obama having irish roots and again said it was an honour. Kind of pointless promo,but hey we saw Foley!!

Next up was Beer Money INC against Creed and machismo for the straps. Great spot in this. Storm got in Hebners face alot in the opening minutes(Hebner was 50/50 with the crowd,lots of “You screwed Bret chants,followed bu Bret screwed Bret chants). Anyway Hebner exploded took off his Ref shirt,Creed put it on and ordered the match to restart. Hebner grabbed Storm in a headlock shot him off the ropes and he and creed double hiptossed Storm then Roode backed off. Hilarios got a HUGE pop. match then proceeded and finished when Roode hit Jay with a title while the ref was distracted for the 1..2..3. Great match.

Main even Saw Kurt Angle V AJ Styles. Not as great as i expected,but a good solid match with both hitting their signature moves and Angle hitting an Angle Slam for the finish.

Afterwards Angle grabbed a chair and intended to hit AJ. Foley came out to try and stop it and got a punch for his troubles.. This brough Double J out who sent Angle out of the ring. Foley then did his. “You not only hit a hardcor legend,you hit TNA’s majority shareholder speech and made a match for the following night between Angle and JJ which brough boos from tonights crowd. AJ then got an OLE OLE OLE OLE chant going after complaining he ddn’t hear it after hitting his “Soccer Kick” The Pele.

A Fantastic house show for their first time in Ireland. JJ said they would be back soon,and with the venue selling out both nights,i can see it happening.

Biggest Pops:

Aj Styles
Team 3D
Beautiful People

Biggest Heat:

James Storm(Calling us English)
Bashir(Also Insulting Us)
Doug Williams(Playing up the fact he’s from England)


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