Jake “The Snake” reviews RAW

jakesnake.jpegJake’s latest RAW review, for January 12, 2009

After some thought, decided to do best and worst of each show.

Although I’m sure that is subject to change.

Show starts same old way, but at least Stephanie fires Jericho. Just wish it would stick. But I’m sure with Father returning next week, just a bit of drama.

Regal and CM
Idea was if Regal gets DQ or counted out, still loses belt. In the day, this was a great stipulation if it had been worked properly. In this case, it stunk to high heaven. Began with no-nonsense chain wrestling which was great to see. Worked it into a headlock by CM. Steve goes for back suplex but did not give enough boost for CM to land on his feet. Which makes him stumble and fall out of position to shoot into corner, for high knee that Steve waited on toolong. Steve’s fault. Then, to make matters worse, CM it’s your responsibility to show guys how to take bulldog. Obviously you haven’t. So one stinker followed by another stinker. Then to make this match totally suck, referee DQ’s CM for low blow. Only problem … actually, there were several: 1, referee out of position to see it, 2, never happened, 3, when’s the last time you’ve seen a DQ? Give ME a break. You see folks, that is what happens when you go for something and try to produce an angle that should be simple yet in the past there is no DQ for anything other than lack of thought. This could have been a great thing, but I blame the wrestlers and the writers as time was not given to produce anything credible. Less than 2 minutes. Does that tell you anything about the investment they have decided to give to this angle? It does me.

Steve, OUCH. Hate to say it, but you brought yourself down on my ladder of respect with this performance.

Austin to HOF, and why not? Just announced Bill Watts. Sorry folks, I won’t be
there this year.

Thing w/ Orton, can anyone say “Tag Angle”?
Rhodes and Dibiase vs Manu and Snuka Jr.

Girls will be girls, period.

Wow, go figure. Champ signs next week for Royal Rumble–belt on line. But not
tonight. Don’t you hate it when a champ wrestles and belt isn’t on the line. You can always count on him losing, can’t you?

Cena vs Shawn.
Headlock takeover by Shawn was wrong and hurried. Love the forearm by Cena and the way Shawn sold it. Great stuff, it was solid like playing chess, and avoiding each others best moves. Actually made sense. Great chops by Shawn, although undersold by Cena. Shawn took great backdrop and worked hard at building Cena for his future. Only problem, Cena forgets to sell, all Shawn has given, which discredits the work done. Shades of Flair, with corner bump and figure four. Yet Cena won’t even register the damage. Oops, I was wrong. In fact, he oversells for 10 seconds, then forgets it. Cross face by Shawn, poorly applied and again Shawn producing spot for Cena to show his strength and power. Oh, well, then the break. Wonder where it will be when we get back…

Cena goes for the finish, Shawn hooking ropes. Smart move by Shawn and then the bearhug? Didn’t know that was part of Cena’s arsenal. Yet Shawn fights out, and sells better than ever, even goes to his trade-mark nip-up. They both go for finishes, used all of their signature stuff and then some. Superb false finishes, both men taking the time to do it right. Cena out of character coming off top (as I would be) thanks for the DDT, Shawn, don’t even have to say my name. Just use the DDT, that’s enough to make me happy. Cena ducking sweet chin music then hitting Shawn with his finish and a kick out. Shawn getting his kick in yet another kick out. Let’s apply the STF by Cena with JBL just gently leaning on the ropes, making it easier for Shawn to reach them. Great camera work, and idea. And Shawn is disgusted by JBL helping him. Shawn does not see the distraction by JBL, hits Cena with kick, and wins the match. Leaves ring immediately, leaving JBL, gloating over Cena. All to set up match at Rumble.

This, my friends, was one of the best Raws I’ve ever seen. Thanks mostly to the hard work and professional job done by Shawn Michaels. I enjoyed it and was proud to watch it. Thanks so much. Does anyone realize what a great job Shawn did selling everything he did? That is one thing Mr. Cena should watch and try oh so hard to accomplish. The proper way to sell makes the match and doesn’t waste the effort given. Wonderful.


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