Two New Champions Crowned at Ring Divas: Rise of the Champion

Tina Lockhart vs. School Gurl AmberFans, another RingDivas PPV is now history…and what’s more…Rise of the Champion made history! Rise of the Champion featured the crowning of not one, but two new champions as both the Women’s World Championship and the Fight Girls Championship were vacated earlier this month when then champion, Empress Sayuri, was injured during a RingDivas taping.

So that just leaves one question…who walked out of Rise of the Champion as the champions? Fans, let me tell you right now…you may be shocked when you find out the answer to that question! As always, you can check out the DVD of Rise of the Champion by clicking here…or you can check out each individual match my clicking the name of the match below…

Tina Lockhart vs. SchoolGurl Amber – Without a shadow of a doubt the most anticipated debut from any RingDivas superstar joining the roster. The President of Media and Talent Relations, Alexa Lockhart’s little sister debuts in her first ever wrestling match with RingDivas and Battle Angels. But did Tina have what it takes to be a true RingDiva…or did she fall at the hands of the cunning schoolgirl? And more importantly…just how many times did Amber pop-out of that little bikini she was wrestling in?!?

Hazel vs. “Super Bad” Nicole Franklin – Nicole Franklin is on a roll and she has yet to be defeated! Her next victim? Well, it’s poor little Hazel. Unfortunately for the cute little personal assistant, she doesn’t stand a chance against the muscled up destruction machine, “Super Bad” Nicole Franklin. Watch as Nicole completely destroys Hazel for the length of the entire match!

Sam Sexton vs. Grand Yubari vs. Vanessa Kraven vs. Jessicka Havoc (World Championship) – With the World Championship vacated, four of the best competitors in all of women’s wrestling step up to fight for the right to become the best of the best. Sensational Sam Sexton, The Enforcer The Grand Yubari, The Giant Vanessa Kraven and the German Monster Jessicka Havoc all in one ring and one massive battle for domination. Who will become the World Champion?

Jessicka Havoc vs. Vanessa Kraven (FightGirl Championship) – After an unbelievable main event Alexa Lockhart makes a surprise judgement call to have Vanessa Kraven face Jessicka Havoc to crwon the new FightGirl World Champion on the same night! This is without a doubt the stand out match of the night…and one of the best matches in the history of RingDivas!

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