TNA Kurt Angle generates controversy before UK tour

tnamaximumimpact.jpegKurt knows that controversy sells tickets. Kurt apparently can’t be bothered to find out how much security costs.

TNA is headed for the United Kingdom for their biggest tour yet. One of the stops is Manchester, home of one of the world’s top soccer clubs – Manchester United. United’s biggest star, Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo recently crashed his £200,000 – 300,000 in US dollars – Ferrari super car and Kurt wasted no time in responding to the incident.

Former TNA Heavyweight champion and Olympic Gold medalist Kurt Angle told British tabloid newspaper The Sun that the government should “detain Ronaldo” for the time he and the rest of the Main Event Mafia are in Manchester. “His inability to drive, combined with his natural weakness as a soccer player, would make navigating the United Kingdom far too risky for an international celebrity such as myself with a pathetic fool like that out on the streets.” Kurt went on to say. “Soccer is a girl’s game in the United States, and since we set the rules across the globe, Ronaldo should abandon the sissy English game and get in the six sided ring of TNA like a real American.”

Selling tickets is good. Selling tickets to soccer hooligans who want to kick your ass is…complicated.

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