“Wildcat” Chris Harris on Monday Night Mayham

chrisharris.jpg“Wildcat” Chris Harris aka Brandon Walker was on Monday Night Mayham recently to talk about what he’s been up to since his release from World Wrestling Entertainment this last August. Chris Harris started by saying he’s been trying to recover, get back on track and back into the wrestling world.

Chris on where it “went wrong,” with regards to the “Braden Walker” WWE character.

Chris said that when he signed, he knew he would have a different name for trademarking purposes since Chris Harris is his real name, “but when I got there they changed everything, my personality, my look, my name.” He then mentioned that he had 20 minutes before his first match on WWE television to come up with a name.

If Chris were to return to World Wrestling Entertainment, what would he change & why?

Chris said that he would not even return to the WWE in the first place, as it was “the most miserable experience of (his) life.” On the other hand, however, Chris said that if he did not go, he would always wonder “What if?” Chris added that he would talk people out of going there if he had that chance now.

Chris on his departure from TNA and some of the rumors surrounding it.

Chris said that when he was leaving TNA, he thought he would be doing a good thing by going to the WWE after being in TNA for five or six years. He said that when he left, he never thought of being able to go back to TNA if the WWE stint didn’t work out, but “they’re not feeling the same way…because they’re a little bit more pissed off than I thought.” He again said he thought he would be doing a good thing by going to World Wrestling Entertainment, “but when I got there (for a billion dollar company), it was the most ridiculous, miserable company I’ve ever seen.”

Chris on the day of his first television appearance when he had to come up with his own name, and was there any direction at all?

Chris then started talking about how he arrived to the TV tapings without any idea as to if he was even going to be used that night. From there, he said, sometime in the afternoon is when the whole name discussion & gear ideas came about, “which is where I got that stupid singlet,” and said by that theory, it does not look like there was any direction at all. Then, as an example, he used Ron Killings (R. Truth), as he had six weeks of vignettes before his return to the WWE, “so when he finally came out people knew who he was.” He said instead of something like that, he was just thrown out there with a completely different name & look, and expected to make it work. “These guys are supposed to be pros, it’s a billion dollar company, and for them to just throw me out there like that, I think it was set up to fail.”

Chris answers if there was ever any talk of “repackaging” the Braden Walker character to something different after the first week or two, seeing as how it was not working out.

Chris said that he had multiple meetings with the WWE Creative Team, “people in Tampa,” among others, and gave them countless ideas which they were going to use until he got to the shows. When he asked about his ideas that they liked, he was told they were “going in a different direction,” which he said was obviously no direction at all. He added that there were multiple ideas thrown around, but none of them panned out.

Was anything was supposed to come out of the backstage segment we saw on ECW On Sci-Fi” with the now-current ECW Champion, Matt Hardy & Chris?

Chris said that from what he was told, they wanted to have Matt & Chris work a little feud with one another, but it was already thrown out the window the week after that first segment. “It was just an overall frustrating experience.”

Our POV:

How things turned out for Chris Harris in WWE sucks. Not only did Chris Harris’s stab at the big time not work out at all, but his short stint and in WWE has made him the butt of a few jokes. The only consolation we have for Chris is that “The Definitive Braden Walker 3 Disc DVD Trailer” is the kind of classic parady that will make his short stint in WWE legendary.

Check out Chris’ official website, www.WildCatChrisHarris.com. Bookers, feel free to contact Chris directly by e-mail at CatBookings@Yahoo.com.

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