ECW Champion Matt Hardy posts on ‘The Wrestler’

hhh2.jpegMatt Hardy updated his posts on MySpace.


Finally.. I’m back, HA! We had a blast at Shane’s on New Year’s Eve, we did it up right yo! The party ended around 7 a.m. and I ended up in bed around 8:30 a.m. I gotta do something about this lack of sleeping issue. The next day I was trying to catch up on real-life things and ended up going to bed in the wee hours of the night again.. And had to get up and catch a flight to Fort Lauderdale to go to work the next day, UGH! Everything turned out alright though, I even got to see my friend Eric Rob, the guy who is responsible for the actually Hardy Show website. After the show, I planned on getting a quick bite to eat, and then getting a decent night’s sleep because I had to fly to New Orleans at 7:30 a.m. the next morning. Didn’t happen, HAHA! I ended up going straight to the airport and sleeping on the plane, landing in New Orleans, and then driving 202 miles to Lake Charles, LA, where the show was that night. I immediately checked in to a beloved Hampton and got in a 3 hour power nap. And still walked out as the ECW Champ after a successful title defense. I’m a very lucky guy, a large percentage of people would probably sacrifice a limb to lead my life, LOL! But to be fair, I’ve busted my ass for years to have the opportunity to lead this crazy lifestyle. And although I sometimes bitch, but.. I love it!

I’m maxin’ (yes, I said maxin’) in the Hampton in Baton Rouge right now, enjoying a little down time. I just watched The Wrestler tonight. All I can say is WOW, it’s an amazing piece of cinema that you will feel. Whether it’s good or bad, you will feel it. I can think of several 80’s performers that fit a similar mold. One thing I can say though, regardless of what anyone says, the business has evolved. The guys and gals are so much more intelligent and responsible in this day and age then they were in the 80’s/early 90’s. And that’s a good thing. A very good thing.


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