Random Diva News: Diva Search Winner & Kelly Kelly?s Boobs

Eve Torres - 2007 WWE Diva Search WinnerThe winner of the 2007 WWE Diva Search, Eve Torres, is a 23 year old professional dancer, actress and model. In the past, she has done work for Ford Trucks, Nascar, Seventeen Magazine, ESPN, Nintendo, Maxim and other companies. She has also appeared on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, ABC’s Show Me the Money and even danced for the NBA and ABA for three years. No clue yet which brand she will end up on, but with the release of Kristal and Krissy Vaine, there’s always room for her on SmackDown.

A number of outlets claimed that ECW Vixen Kelly Kelly debuted new, augmented breasts at Cyber Sunday. At press time, there was no information to provide a basis for such a claim; the twenty-year-old Diva’s breasts simply appeared bigger due to a very flattering outfit that pushed up her breasts.

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