Bobby Lashley wants to wrestle again

bobbylashley.jpgFormer WWE star Bobby lashley joined James Guttman on

‘On the subject of professional wrestling, JG asked the question that almost everyone asks Bobby when they meet him – TNA. Any chance we could see Bobby tear it up in Total Nonstop Action? Lashley answered and was clear about his intentions.

“I’ll put it this way. I WILL be (professionally) wrestling again. So if there is anything going on with WWE and there’s people there who don’t want to see me wrestle anymore and I can’t be back in WWE, then there will be a TNA. Because I really, like I said before, I really would like to wrestle again. Whether it’s years down the line, whether it’s short stints now where I do matches here and there while still training to fight, I still want to wrestle. So whoever will take me, I’m willing to work.”

Bobby also spoke about no longer harboring any ill-will towards the company. He spoke positively about working with the McMahons both in and out of the ring, but also expressed a desire to wrestle TNA’s Kurt Angle.’

Bobby Lashley won his first mma match.

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