WWE, TNA, ROH official response to ‘The Wrestler’

thewrestler.jpgWWE’s response:
“While ‘The Wrestler’ is a very engaging movie, it portrays how wrestling was conducted in some independent wrestling circuits, unlike WWE, which is a global brand with millions of fans.”

TNA’s response:

“We’re happy to see professional wrestling in the mainstream spotlight through the movie ‘The Wrestler.’ Mickey Rourke’s performance is nothing short of sonsational; Mickey Rourke is the movie. His portrayal of an over-the-hill wrestler struggling to fing his own meaning in life has already been talked about as Oscar-worthy, and rightfully so.”

ROH’s response:

“Jerry Lynn was in attendance at a private ROH screening recently, and (was) said to be very emotional about his career and its similarities to the career of Rourke’s Randy ‘the Ram’ Robinson.”

Movie Poster for ‘The Wrestler’

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