WWE’s WrestleMania plans dealt blow by Batista injury

orton1.jpgBatista’s injury has botched WWE’s plans through to WrestleMania. WWE reports that Batista tore his hamstring in the same match that John Cena reportedly injured his neck and had been toughing it out until recently. Our sources suggest that the injury was in fact much more recent, but the effect is the same. Batista has had surgery to repear the tear and will probably be out of action until SummerSlam.

Raw ran a storyline last week that had Randy Orton gloating about a concussion he gave Batista when he kicked him in the head. It was a good segment that gives WWE a storyline for when Batista returns. Orton worked the mic in bizzarroland (Toronto) and was cheered by the audience, so it will be interesting to see how WWE handles their new anti-hero Randy Orton.

Batista had been considered as John Cena’s opponent to headline the Raw side of the card at WrestleMania 24. The two met last August at Summerslam in a match which was put together with little build and potentially could have reduced interest in a rematch if it was to happen at WrestleMania.

Although plans for WWE’s biggest show of the year will likely change a number of times between now and next April, Batista’s injury makes the chances of a John Cena vs. Randy Orton main event in Houston, Texas the most likely option right now.

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