“Wrestler” Gimmick Being Used In Ring Of Honor

rohbelt.jpgROH’s veteran wrestler Jerry Lynn sees a strong parallel between his career and Randy “The Ram” Robinson’s career in the new movie, ‘The Veteran.’ So much so, that prowrestlinginsider.com is reporting ROH has decided to create a storyline around the simularities.

The storyline began when ROH heavyweight champion Nigel McGuinness verbally assaulted Lynn after a match, then Lynn apologized for attacking him in response, saying he was wrong to do it and talked about how the wrestling business really didn’t exist for him anymore.

In the ROH storyline, Lynn will now play the underdog who doubts his own abilities but wants one more shot at glory.

The climatic finaly for ‘The Wrestler’ was filmed at a ROH event and frankly, ROH would have to be crazy not to exploit this exposure. If ‘The Wrestler’ really does well, could this lead to a TV contract for ROH?

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