Former WWE and TNA superstar Tomko burning bridges

tomko.jpegFormer WWE and TNA superstar Tomko returned to World Wrestling Entertainment Monday night in Pittsburgh, PA. Tomko defeated Paul Burchill in a dark match, a match designed to make the returning Tomko look good and to help him get over with the Raw audience.

Our source is saying that Tomko’s return may already be over and he may be released at anytime.

John Laurinaitis pushed to have Tomko back to the company.Tomko resigned with WWE a few months ago, and was expected to work out with Florida Championship Wrestling until the company was ready for him to return to the road. Tomko lives about an hour from the training facility, but only showed up a couple of times. Tomko’s physical condition when he arrived was unimpressive and when Vince mcMahon got a good look at Tomko, Vince chewed Tomko a new one. Not only that, but Tomko blew up in his short two minute match.

What wrestler would seriously show up at WWE in less than excellent physical shape, with Vince’s well-known expectations on talent?

Tomko has apparently burnt his bridge with TNA. Our source is telling us that Tomko’s return to TNA is unlikely, as the general feeling is that Tomko hasn’t been honest with the company in the past.

Tomko did leave TNA to work in Japan, but with no steady offers he returned to TNA.


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