*SPOILERS* Smackdown results for 12.19.08

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SmackDown starts off with the new WWE Champion Jeff Hardy being introduced. He comes out to a huge pop with a spectacular pyro and confetti. He talks about finally being champion. Edge comes out to interrupt. He tells Jeff it takes more than just a day or two to be a true champion and that he stole the title from him. Edge then says Vickie has announced two matches for tonight: Matt Hardy vs. Edge and Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov. Jeff then asks Edge if he’s done and hits Twist of Fate.

1) Hurricane Helms & R-Truth beats Shelton Benjamin & MVP

2) John Morrison beats Festus

-Matt Hardy cuts a promo backstage before his match with Edge. He’s receiving a huge pop from the live audience.

3) Edge beats Matt Hardy in a non title match

4) Ezekiel Jackson beats Carlito

5) Maryse beats Maria in a No.1 Contenders Match for the WWE Divas Championship

– Ken Kennedy promo with MVP promoting his Behind Enemy Lines DVD movie.

– The Great Khali is interviewed. Rajin Singh says Mae Young is Khali’s soul mate. Khali smiles.

6) WWE Champion Jeff Hardy beats Vladimir Kozlov in a non title match

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