Vince furious about Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling Show.

vince.jpegVince McMahon is apparently furious at Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling Show. On a recent plaine flight, Vince has gone so far to say that anyone who is associated with the show will never work for WWE again!

The Wreslting Observer is reporting that Jimmy Mouth has become an unfortunate casualty of the backlash, in spite of the fact that he asked WWE management if it would be okay before agreeing to appear on HCW. Hart has been pulled from the Road to Wrestlemania events and now WWE claims they will never use him again.

Vince is apparently furious that insider secrets have been revealed to the public. We get it. You can say, ‘sleight of hand’ when describing a magic trick, but that doesn’t mean a magician has to reveal all his tricks to the audience. It’s the difference between teasing and acting trashy, according to Vince.

Or, maybe it’s the third-generation carny coming out.

Or, there have been some comments that Vince is only mad because he never did it first.

Or, Vince isn’t happy at the thought of going to war with Eric Bischoff again, if Eric is truly serious about starting a new wrestling company.

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