Jake comments on this week’s RAW

jakesnake.jpegJake Roberts posts on RAW this week at MySpace. It’s great that he’s back giving his perspective an a regular basis.

Apologize for being a day late. But here we go.

Show me the money! Shane arrives in a Mazeratti and tosses keys to Cryme Tyme to park. Hmmm…..ouch. Where’s Al Sharpton? Hell he could have parked it. Did anyone not think Cena would win? Jericho and Batista with rematch clauses and as Shane’s announcing, little big sister comes out and puts Orton into the mix for triple threat tonight to see who meets in the ppv. Again, I say there is a power struggle being developed. I called that one last week. Who do you think will turn heel? I say Steph and they will have a ratings war to see who has total control of company. Of course Shane will have Smackdown and will Adamle return? Slap by Stephanie, pretty nice, but not near what Shane delivered. Asking her which wrestler she’ll sleep with next. And possibly marry. Ho Ho Ho.

Shawn and Rey vs Miz and John Morrison
Again,3 minutes of entrance and these more than capable upper echelon talent only get 5-1/2 minutes for match. Ever thought of starting a match in progress? Or at least having all in ring, waiting? But then again, that wouldn’t allow announcers to push ppv product or anything else.

It’s a damned good match, just needed more time and not wasted on JBL’s limo ride which, btw, the heels registered him arriving, but not the baby faces. Strange, don’t you think? Shawn giving JM spot to stop him and capitalize on Shawn’s injury and Shawn going to rope in heels corner creating the fear of Miz getting to him. Just as Miz is about to, Shawn shoots his finish at JM and JM dives out of the way. Nice touch. You might ask Shawn never misses his finish, except, in this case folks, he has the eye injury. I bet you missed that. But Shawn continues to fire up on Miz, but JM gets the upper hand. This was damned good work. The baiting, the teasing, and the final stop was wonderful. Then they go to commercial break, and hurt Rey on outside with one of those ridiculous bumps that he can do, which again, builds odds against baby faces. Shawn trying to tag but Rey not there, which makes one wonder is there a turn coming? Shawn or Rey? Want to add excellent job of selling by Shawn. Have never seen anyone crawl for a tag on the ropes like he did. Excellent finish then the beat down comes JM looked awesome, violent and solid. Then the curve, as JBL who had been watching and remember he wrestled Shawn at ppv comes to ring. They hold Shawn up, waiting for JBL to do the damage and then we get the high and tight curve. JBL deliberately kicks JM instead. Everyone surprised but then they go to JBL interview and he explains that he has offered a great business deal to Shawn. HE was just protecting his future investment. Myself, would really like to see Shawn and JM as he has raised his value in my eyes and certainly has a good career in front of him if he continues his current path. How ironic another tag team partner left behind.

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