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wwe-jim-ross-jr.jpgThe PPV was solid with a fair amount of parity. Several bouts were good with nothing over the top, from my perspective.

The surprising return of Edge and the latest Jeff Hardy saga seemed to be the most discussed matters on the show.

Returning to Boston always reminds me of my conversations there with the late Killer Kowalski, who many of us thought about Sunday before the show.

Plus, in ’93 I broadcast the SS in the old Garden with the late Gorilla Monsoon who was one of the best men I have known in this biz. We did the event on WWE Radio, for those of you w/ good memories.

Boston also reminds me of the statement, “The Austin era has begun!” WM14 was where Stone Cold won his 1st WWE Title over HBK with the Mike Tyson element added.

Special night for the Undertaker, as Sunday commemorated ‘Taker’s WWE debut in 1990. What a run this man has had. I have much respect for longevity in this business. That’s the true mark of a HOF career in my eyes. Headlining major events over the long haul is an amazing accomplishment.

Did anyone out perform HBK Sunday night? Michaels 1st Survivor Series was in ’88 and he’s still as good as anyone in the biz.

I hope Miz and/or Morrison can get close to HBK’s level some day, but it won’t be easy for any talent due to the fact that today’s athletes only learn the biz w/ one philosophy and not in a variety of territories.

The number of elimination tag bouts really under scores the overall lack of main event level depth doesn’t it? These are the opportunities young talents need to seize.

I had a blast working w/ all 3 announce teams. It’s always a little awkward with so many wanting to speak but it was fun for me and offered some entertaining moments.

Loved Natalya using the “Sharp Shooter,” made famous by her HOF uncle Bret Hart. No, that’s not a Montreal reference, at least it wasn’t.

Good to see referee Marty Elias back from injury.

It was obvious that many in Boston enjoyed seeing Randy Orton beat Batista. Orton is young and defiant like many fans. I’m curious to see how this matter materializes. Orton is an anti-hero and anti-heroes sell tickets in today’s world.

I enjoyed the Team Batista vs. Team Orton match a great deal. Several participants distinguished themselves.

Obvious to me that Kozlov had some big match jitters. However he seemed to discard them about midway thru the match to a noticeable degree.

Hard to believe that the WWE rolls out another PPV in 3 weeks in Buffalo. Mid December in Buffalo gives me cause to remember a NFL game I broadcast once there the Sunday following Thanksgiving when the Bills thumped the Falcons. Brisk day to say the least.

There is no neutral ground for most fans re: John Cena as John is either loved or disliked. Plain and simple. His AWA themed, new shirt is cool.

Nice to see John back, if for nothing else, he brings his work ethic back into the locker room and gives the fans a viable body to cheer or jeer.

Hopefully the economy won’t adversely affect the PPV buys too much, but realistically, I can’t see the economy giving any business any breaks.

Hear the term “Slammys” being casually talked about in Boston.

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