WWE congratulates Brock Lesner and questions UFC PPV quality

brock1.jpegThe question as to how WWE would capitalize on former WWE World Heavyweight Chamion Bock Lesner’s blazing rush up the ranks to claim the UFC Heavyweight title has been answered today. WWE congratulated Brock on his upset victory over Randy Couture, made sure to pump Brock’s professional wrestling history and implied that Brock’s journey to the WWE title was longer and harder fought than his journey to sieze the UFC championship. WWE pointed out in their news release that the UFC has a gap in talent beyond their main eventers. WWE also pointed out that UFC matches can all end in one round, implying that the value of their PPVs, as measured by match times, is up to random fortune. WWE viewers will draw from that analysis a comparison to WWE PPVs, where the viewer is guarenteed full value for their matchs, in match length and in quality of talent.

Good for WWE for seizing this opportunity to promote the value of their product in a way that reaches across both wrestling and UFC demographics. The UFC has been rocking the WWE in PPVs sold lately and that rapid growth in market share includes many WWE wrestling fans.

Of course, you can always check out the other ‘side’ of this debate by going to the MMA News.

Here’s the article in it’s entirety:

LAS VEGAS – In a stunning upset, Brock Lesnar became the first man to capture both the WWE Championship and the UFC Heavyweight Championship when he defeated UFC fan favorite Randy “The Natural” Couture on Saturday night in Sin City.

Lesnar, dubbed “The Next Big Thing” upon his arrival in WWE, earned the moniker and his first WWE Championship in 2002 after besting The Rock at SummerSlam. Thanks in large part to the backing of the WWE Universe, the former college wrestling phenomenon went on to regain the title twice, both times against Kurt Angle, once at WrestleMania in 2003 and then six months later on SmackDown.

For Lesnar, the road to UFC gold proved surprisingly short. Within roughly six months, the former WWE Superstar climbed to the top of the ultimate fighting heap, capping his ascent with the upset victory over Couture.

Critics have noted that many of the fights on the UFC pay-per-view ended in the first round, leaving UFC producers scrambling to fill the three-hour event with content. The dearth of hearty competition left many viewers to watch less prestigious under-card fights and only served to bolster claims that UFC pay-per-view events can often be a “crap shoot” in regards to filling the full three hours.

For his part, Lesnar took the encouragment of the WWE Universe and the hard lessons forged during his fiery time at WWE and showed UFC and the world why he is not only a man of mettle but also a former three-time WWE Champion.

Was there a dig in the article on Kurt Angle?

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