*SPOILERS* TNA Impact Results 11.20.2008

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– It was announced that Eric Young’s win over Sheik Abdul Bashir has been reversed due to referee Shane Sewell getting involved, but that Young will get to challenge Booker T for the Legends championship later.

– A casket is rolled to the ring. The Main Event Mafia come to the ring. Kurt Angle says they are going to give Christian Cage his proper burial tonight. Angle said they had no choice but to beat Cage back to the WWE and asks if anyone has any last words about Cage. Rhino comes out and says that if they had a problem with Christian’s decision, they should have confronted him backstage. He says all he sees in the ring are a bunch of b****es, especially Booker T. Booker says Rhino has the balls of a Chihuahua since he can’t say what he wants to the Mafia’s face. Rhino charges the ring but all five beat him down and bloody him. They put Rhino in the casket and pose.

– Consequences Creed & Jay Lethal defeated Sonjay Dutt & Hiroshi Tanahashi.

– The Beautiful People defeated Christy Hemme & Sojourn Bolt.

– Samoa Joe & AJ Styles defeated The Motor City Machineguns. The Main Event Mafia came out looking to beat down Joe and AJ. Lethal and Creed tried to make the save but were laid out. Sting watched from the outside.

– TNA Legends champion Booker T defeated Eric Young.

– Kevin Nash & Kurt Angle defeated Abyss & Matt Morgan. Beer Money came out during the match. Storm hit Abyss witha Beer Bottle to assist the win.

– Mick Foley comes out and says The Main Event Mafia may be the greatest collection of champions ever put together into one unit. Foley said that his intention is for their to be an even playing field. So, at Final Resolution, he has signed two main events. The first will be Booker & Nash & Steiner & Sting vs. Joe & AJ & two partners of their choice. If The Mafia wins, Sting retains the TNA title but if the Originals win, AJ is the new champion.

– Rhino vs. Angle is the other main event. Angle comes out angry and says he doesn’t want Rhino, he wants Jarrett and if he can’t get Jarrett, it’ll have to be Foley. He slaps Foley. Jarrett comes out and says he can’t fire Angle but he can make him an offer Angle can’t refuse. If Angle beats Rhino, he gets Jarrett. If he loses, his contract is void. Angle slaps Jarrett but Rhino comes from behind and gores him. The Mafia hits the ring but Rhino escapes before they can get their hands on him.

– Homicide defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir (non-title).

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