TNA 2008 Turning Point

tnaturningpointlogo.jpgThis Sunday, TNA will invite everyone to once again Cross The Line on pay per view. The lines drawn are between the veterans calling themselves the MEM (Main Event Mafia) headed up by Kurt Angle and the original TNA roster, the X Division, headed up by AJ Styles.

X Division Rankings Matches

All the X Division stars of TNA will be competing to determine the new rankings of the X Division. The highest rated star will have a possible shot at X Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir at a later date.

Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Rhyno

After Bashir defended his title successfully against Consequences Creed a few weeks back, the Sheik was heading backstage when he had a heated confrontation with Lauren who was in the back interviewing Rhino. After Rhino stepped in and warned the X Division Champion, Bashir attacked Rhino from behind.

At Turning point, Rhino will be defending the American Way against Bashir’s version of America.

Knockouts Tag Team Match
Amazing Kong (w, Raisha Saeed) and Rhaka Khan versus Taylor Wilde and Roxxi Lavoux

Kong is Knockouts Champion once again is on a rampage. Will Raisha Saeed and now Rhaka Khan by her side, Kong is now looking to take out the biggest threats to her reign, The Voodoo Queen Roxxi and former champion Taylor Wilde. If Kong thinks beating down Roxxi behind the arena will take care of Roxxi, then Kong’s underestimated Roxxi’s ability to take punishment and her vicious streak. If Rhaka Khan thinks she doesn’t have to watch her back after her heel turn on Wilde, she’s underestimated Taylor Wilde.
TNA World Tag Team Championships

Beer Money vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

The MC Guns will have a shot for the TNA Tag Title when they challenge Beer money at Turning Point. Since beating LAX for the title, Beer Money have been on a ramage, beating all challengers- including Team 3D. The MC Guns, who have been wrestling in ROH lately, represent an unknown quantity for Beer Money.

Kurt Angle vs. “The Monster” Abyss

Angle’s being pushing hard to get a rematch with Jeff Jarrett and instead has found himself going toe-to-toe with Abyss at Turning point. The point behind this match is a little foggy, but the size difference is going to be fun to watch.

Abyss has been doing fine lately, having just won a ladder match and a contract that guarantees he and his partner Mat Morgan will be challenging for the tag title at some point. Abyss has been conflicted between hardcore and his new gentler style. Which way will this match go?

TNA Legends Championship
Booker T vs. Christian Cage

Christian Cage has been under pressure to choose a side since the lines started to be drawn. Booker T has taken that pressure a step further, issuing a challenge to Christian Cage for Turning Point. If Christian Cage doesn’t win the Legends Championship, he will have to join the Main Event Mafia next week on iMPACT!

Double Main Event
Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash

After Nash’s interference cost Joe the TNA World Championship last month, events have been coming to a head that will culminate this Sunday at Turning Point. Jeff has claimed that Scott Hall blew off their match last year, saying Joe wasn’t worth the rub. Joe has been very clear in saying that he thinks it’s nothing but jealousy between the veterans and the young guns.
So, who’s going to make their point at the end of Turning Point?

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
“The Icon” Sting vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

AJ Styles will be challenging Sting for the Heavyweight Championship at Turning Point. Thanks to some comments from Sting about respect and AJ’s relationship from his father, this match has become personal.

Styles has a chance to regain a championship that he hasn’t held since the beginning of TNA and knock the wind out of MEM at the same time.

Consequences Creed clotheslines Kurt Angle.

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