TNA iMPACT! Video and Review

tnaimpact.jpegThere’s something sincere about TNA. Everytime something TNA tries doesn’t work out, they get back up and try to make up to the fans, by focussing and trying harder to make everything work. You gotta love that perseverance. And when something they do clicks, the results can be breathtaking.

So, I’m once again excited about TNA.

Watch this sequence, with great promos from Sting, Mick Foley and Kurt Angle. The new TNA iMPACT! zone looks incredible and it’s being delivered in high definition. TNA has always had an energy and an expectation of momentum around their iMPACT! product and in this format, with this storyline, all been driven by this amazing wrestling talent, maybe they’re finally ready to take market share from a fading RAW product.

There’s always that nagging problem with TNA’s creative team- which I have a hard time figuring out, but now believe to be Russo’s amazing ability to create a sensational moment in a program, but without regard for the slow burn that makes for great feuds. Russo like a little kid with a secret. TNA finally has someone who understands intimately how much time and patience it takes to build a great feud in a position to shape Russo’s strengths. I believe that man is Mick Foley- and if Jarret can just step back go along with the ride and if they can just get the mutual strengths and weaknesses of their creative team to work together- man, that’s it.

They’ll click.

Watch great mic skills at work in TNA’s new iMPACT! zone, which looks great.

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