TNA Wrestler Taken to “Court” After Playing Joke

tnabashir.jpegHere’s a funny backstage story for ‘smarks.’ TNA X Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir was taken to “wrestler court” at this week’s TNA iMPACT tapings. Bashir apparently played a rib on Kip James during a flight they shared. Bashir pulled aside a flight attendant, who then announced over the loud speaker that Kip was celebrating his 65th birthday!

Our source says that Bashir was taken to wrestler court because it was determined that he didn’t have enough time in the company to pull a rib on a veteran. Brother Ray served as the judge, B.G. James represented Kip, Brother Devon represented Bashir and agent Simon Diamond served as the bailiff for the proceedings.

Bashir was found guilty and was required to supply the locker room beer and booze, which he did on Tuesday night after the tapings.

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