The Heartbreak Express Make Official Statement

heartbreakexpress.jpegThe Hearbreak Express had to leave the Republic of Panama after stomping on the country’s flag on a national TV show. The situation was, to understate it, serious.

This was also covered by various sources on the internet from the United States to Panama.

The Heartbreak Express made it back to the US safely on Sunday and after reflection of what happened, had this to say:

“We want to make an official comment on this situation in Panama and the incident that happened on national television the morning of October 24 regarding the disrespecting of the flag of The Republic of Panama.

In hindsight this was obviously a stupid thing to do and we regret it totally BUT in our defense this was one of five television appearances we made in a two day period. Every other show we appeared on, the producers of the show met with us to go over exactly what we were going to do on the show to make sure it was ok.

This was the ONLY show we did where we were given NO direction at all before going on live television even though we asked many times beforehand for them to tell us what they wanted us to do so we ended up doing pretty much the same thing we had done the day before on a MTV type music program which was approved by the show’s producer.

That said we both want to make a formal apology to the wonderful people of The Republic of Panama and to the promoters of Revolution Xtreme Wrestling for all of the trouble this has caused them. The fact is that we love the people of Panama and we have been treated like family by so many great people there and want nothing more than to make things right and be able to return to perform for our many fans there and to see again our extended family members at Revolution Xtreme Wrestling.”



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