*Spoilers* TNA Impact 10.30.08

impactvegas.jpegWrestling Confidential has the results for this week’s TNA iMPACT! Just click on more to view.

(source: wrestlingnewsworld.com)

TNA Wrestling taped this week’s edition of Impact last night from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Below are full taping results, thanks to Derek Severt for calling them in:


Jay Lethal b. Robert Roode

TNA Impact (Airing Thursday on Spike TV):

* Samoa Joe and AJ Styles opened the show with an in-ring promo on the Main Event Mafia. Jay Lethal, Petey Williams, Eric Young, Consequences Creed, and ODB all came up to show their support. The Motor City Machineguns came out but they wondered why they should support Joe and company. This led to a confrontation between Joe and Alex Shelley. The Main Event Mafia came out and delivered a promo.

* Christie Hemme & ODB b. Velvet Sky & Angelina Love

* Eric Young b. James Storm when Robert Roode inadvertently spit beer in his face. Post match saw Roode & Storm beat up Young, The Motor City Machineguns came out for the save.

* The Motor City Machineguns b. Voldaor Jr. & Hiroshi Tanahashi. Sheik Abdul Bashir did commentary for the match. After the match Bashir got in the ring and started yelling at Volador and Tanahashi. Rhino came out and hit Bashir with Gore.

* Samoa Joe & AJ Styles b. Kevin Nash & Booker T

* Mick Foley came out and announced the following matches for Turning Point next month:

– TNA Champion Sting vs. AJ Styles
– Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe
– TNA Legends Champion Booker T vs. Christian Cage

After Foley announced the matches, he called out Sting and they had words

* Abyss b. Kurt Angle via disqualification after a chair shot. Lots of run-ins after the match including Matt Morgan, AJ Styles, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Petey Williams, Consequences Creed, Eric Young, and more. The babyfaces had the advantage until Scott Steiner hit the ring and cleaned house with a pipe. Steiner celebrated with the Main Event Mafia to end the show.

Great Picture of TNA’s Main Event Mafia from last week’s iMPACT! in Las Vegas.

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