Newsday interviews Mick Foley

foley2.jpgAlfonso Castillo of Newsday interviewed Mick Foley recently. Here are some excerpts from the article:

On hurting his chances of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:“I’ve had the advantage of having a lot of closure to my career. I had the book that kind of summed up all my experiences. And I’m recognized and seemingly appreciated on a daily basis by fans. So I’m not in need of healing, which is what the entry to the Hall of Fame seems to be for a lot of guys. So, although I would be flattered to one day be asked, in no way am I looking at inclusion in the WWE Hall of Fame as necessary to complete my career.”

About the chairshot he took from Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory: “I didn’t know that Kurt was going to be quite that angry. That’s probably Jeff Jarrett’s statement that I was the greatest acquisition in TNA history showing itself. But, you know, I can take a shot here and there. I guess, from what my kids said, my wife was a little concerned. But you know, hey, people are going to be critical of anything. There’s a certain number of people who are critical of anything that anybody does in wrestling. So I’m pretty comfortable with that decision.”

His short-lived announcing career: “I honestly feel that if people go back and watch the big matches that I called with Michael Cole and JR that they’ll stand up and they’ll stand the test of time. And I like knowing that when I was at my best that I did a very credible job. And, you know, I feel like I really could have been good. But it is Vince’s company and it’s not my position to tell him how to produce his announcers. And Vince is going to be right a lot more often than he’s going to be wrong. But I was not a fan of his producing.”

Critics of TNA’s booking: “If you were traveling around the country, you probably wouldn’t have fans quite as interested in the backstage happenings. So you would be a lot less likely to hear, ‘Fire Russo’ chants. I was always a supporter of Russo’s. I even have that in writing in WWE books. And I think that now we have a cast of guys who could really make things happen. And I think that you will see a better focus on creative… You know, I think [Vince Russo] is a great idea guy. The challenge of coming up with something new every week is probably not fully appreciated by many people.”

Performing before small crowds in TNA: “It’s not a blow to my ego, but it does drive me to help the company. I remember the way Terry Funk and I felt back in 1995 wrestling back in 1995 in a 40 degree gymnasium – that we were trying to build something. And there was a lot of pride taken in being part of that construction effort. I think the guys in TNA have worked really hard and built up a good company. And if I didn’t think it could get better and I didn’t think I could be a part of it, I would not have joined.”

Returning to the ring: “I look at it like, man, there are so many possibilities. There are so many prospective opponents. And I can honestly say that this is the most fun I’ve had as part of a wrestling show since probably 2000 when I was the commissioner. And it’s the first time in quite a while where I feel like what I do or say is making a difference, or, I guess more accurately, that what I do or say will be given the chance to make a difference.”

Negotiating with TNA again after turning down their offer years ago: “They called me up and had an idea and I met with the head of Spike. And it really felt like they had a long term vision and that I could be a big part of it. And one thing I told them was that I would not play an offer with one company off the other. I never even talked to WWE about the possibility of re-signing. The deal with TNA was very flexible and they were really easy to deal with. I’m really excited about working with Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett and everybody at TNA.”

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