WWE 2008 No Mercy Preview: Rey Mysterio versus Kane

reykane.jpegRey Mysterio has seemingly fallen down Kane’s dark demented version of the rabbit hole, and at No Mercy, these two will face-off in a David vs. Goliath match-up that will certainly have neither competitor showing the other any mercy.

When Kane revealed that the mysterious burlap sack he was carrying around contained the mask of the Master of the 619, the WWE Universe was questioning what the sadistic Big Red Monster could have done to Mysterio. Kane revealed that he had attacked the Ultimate Underdog and left him broken, his reason being an unwarranted hatred for Mysterio and the fact that he still “hides behind a mask.” (WATCH)

Fortunately, despite Kane’s cryptic messages and alluding that he had done away with the Ultimate Underdog, Mysterio made a surprise return, dispatching of the surprised Big Red Monster much to the delight of our fans. The Master of the 619 went on to explain that Kane did indeed attack him, but Mysterio would not be broken and all it did was make his spirit that much stronger. (SmackDown’s 1-2 Punch)

The two had their chance to face-off against one another a few weeks later on Raw, but it ended in a disqualification when Kane snapped and continued to mercilessly attack a helpless Mysterio. Luckily for Rey, he had a friend in ECW’s Evan Bourne, who came out to make the save for the man he said opened the doors for guys like him in WWE. (WATCH)

One week later, however, it was Kane who got the last laugh, decimating Bourne and sending a powerful message to Mysterio. Will Rey be able overcome tremendous odds and rid himself of the torment he has been facing at the hands of Kane? Or will the Big Red Monster finally finish off the Master of the 619 as he intended to do weeks ago?

(source: wwe.com)

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Kuddos to Kane versus Mysterio for being everything a David verus Goliath match should be.

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