Results of Benoit Family Toxicology Report

Chris BenoitThe press conference begins with District Attorney Scott Ballard briefing the public on the case. He says that today we are here to talk about one component of the investigation and that is the toxicology results.

Ballard hands the podium over to a doctor who says that they found Hydrocodone and Xanax in the system of Nancy Benoit. The doctor says that the levels were at therapeutic levels and she had a 0.184 blood alcohol level. However, he says that they are unable to tell if she had drank alcohol because the blood alcohol level was due to the decomposition process of her body.

Daniel Benoit had Xanax at elevated levels in his system. It is their opinion that Daniel was sedated prior to the time he was murdered.

Chris Benoit’s system was positive for Xanax and Hydrocodone. Both were at therapeutic levels. The only steroid found in Benoit’s system was testosterone. It was found in elevated levels which indicate that he was taking it prior to his death.

No evidence of GHB in any of the three bodies.

Source: Richard Gray/WrestlingNewsWorld

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