Babyfaces on RAW Reeling

cmpunk.jpgIf the heels hold the belt, then what are the babyfaces doing to try to regain equilibrium in RAW? First problem, the faces are all beat to hell. Cena’s out recovering from a neck injury. Shawn Michaels is half blind and needs to rest his triceps for a few weeks. Candice Michelle is just finding her legs after a long recovery from her collarbone injuries. Mysterio is also rusty after a long absence recovering from his collarbone injury. Batista has the brawn to step up and challenge for the title, but being a loner he’s not going to do well if the heels decide to work together. It’s like a lion fighting hyenas. One on one, he’s an animal, three on one, he’s getting backed up.

There are two faces that are truly ready to stand against the heels. Kofi Kingston is one. When Kofi finally gets his rematch against Marella, it will be time to retire the Honk-A-Meter. The other face is perennial underdog, CM Punk.

Give WWE their props for knowing how to use CM Punk. The more EVERYONE, front and back, gets down on CM Punk, the more he gets over with the fans. How cool, then, was it to have Orton get in CM Punk’s face and have his lackeys roll him in the back at Unforgiven, denying CM Punk the opportunity to prove that he’s the man who deserves the belt at the scramble match? If CM Punk won the belt by taking his opportunities and beating the odds, who was better positioned to win a Scramble match? Having Jericho sub into the scramble match and steal the belt was a perfect touch. It’s no happy coincidence that Kofi stepped in to help CM Punk backstage and was assaulted for his efforts.

Randy Orton’s punt to the head of CM Punk is the symbolic gesture that ushers in and solidifies the new storylines on RAW. CM Punk outnumbered against the “multi-generational” stable, led by Randy Orten? CM Punk is going to go through a lot of pain and humiliation keeping the flame alive while everyone else gets their stuff together. The faces have to rally and chase for the belts and RAW’s program is looking really good.

cmpunk stares down Orton
What chance does straight shooting CM Punk have against Randy “The Legend Killer” Orton?

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