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Alan J. Wojcik interviewed ROH Rhett Titus for Here’s some excerpts from the interview:

Addicted To Love Rhett Titus (6-2, 195) will compete in the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup on Friday, Sept. 26 at The New Lakes in the Regency Park Civic Center, 8330 Civic Dr., Port Richey, Fla. and Saturday, Sept. 27 at the Brooksville National Guard Armory, 16386 Springhill Dr., Brooksville, Fla.

Originally from Long Beach Island, N.J., Titus has wrestled in Ring of Honor, Maryland Championship Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Syndicate, Kyda Pro, National Wrestling Superstars, Chikara and Full Impact Pro.

• What does being part of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup mean to you, and what did you know of Jeff before you were invited to be part of the event?

Titus: “The story of Jeff Peterson is a really a sad one to me. I remember reading an article about him in PWI back when I was a fan and it being very inspirational. I am very honored and excited to be a part of this tournament. I’ll be even happier when Rhett Titus wins this tournament and adds another one to his collection.”

• You were trained by two established Ring Of Honor stars, Austin Aries and American Dragon Bryan Danielson. Discuss what was a day in their training regimen like and how did it shape you as a person?

Titus: “I started my training with Austin Aries at the age of 17. We would do pushups, hindu squats, bench press, squats and sprints everyday. There were only two guys in my class — myself and Mitch Franklin. We did that workout regimen everyday, until we started getting into the ring, and we would get pummeled to oblivion by all the other guys at the school.

‘Aries had the philosophy of, `I am your wrestling trainer. I’m not here to be your personal trainer,’ which I wholeheartedly agreed with. But if I ever had any sort of personal problem, Aries was a very approachable guy and became more than a trainer to us but a friend as well.

‘Bryan had some different approaches to training, and he would try to physically break you each and every time you were there. It was basically the same workout regimen Aries had but just a whole lot more. More squats, more pushups and more running. I remember one day when Bryan asked us what exercise we wanted to do, and being the smart %$# I am, I said,
`jumping jacks.’ Bryan proceeded to have us do jumping jacks for 15 minutes. Needless to say no one at the school was happy with me that day.

“I dreaded going to training at the time and hated training with Bryan. But in the end it just made me a more dedicated wrestler, and I wound up learning some cool unique things from Bryan as well.”

• Some would say you are one of the cockiest and arrogant wrestlers in ROH, actually adding your name to the 80s classic song Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer. Comments?
Titus: “I’d be hard-pressed not to agree that Rhett Titus is in fact the cockiest wrestler in all of ROH. As for being arrogant, I think people have a bit of a misconception on me. I am very confident. Confidence comes with being good at what you do, and brother, Rhett Titus is great at what he does, and he knows it.

“Therefore people take him as being arrogant. Does Rhett Titus and his humble self sound arrogant to you? I think not, and as for the music, believe it or not, about two weeks ago I got a call from a number I didn’t know.

‘I was a little skeptical about picking it up, but Rhett Titus said, `Why not, and who was it?’ None other than Robert Palmer himself. He wanted to thank Rhett Titus for bringing his 80s classic back into today’s culture, and he proclaimed that the album is selling again, and it is all thanks to Rhett Titus. He is currently in talks with my agent about doing a remix of the song. So look out for that.”

Interviewer’s note: Robert Palmer died of a heart attack in 2003.

• In ROH, you had a series of matches with former Peterson Cup competitor Delirious involving his lady friend, Daizee Haze. Going so far as to have her face airbrushed on your tights. Is that your favorite feud in your career, or is there one that tops that in your mind?

Titus: “I am still dumbfounded as to why Delirious doesn’t like me so much. He should have known he didnt have a chance with Daizee Haze, nevermind the fact that Rhett Titus was involved in the picture. He may have bloodied me a bit, but you know what brother, Rhett Titus gets to see each and every part of Daizee Haze on my cell phone, everyday.

“Delirious never even caught a glimpse. So, yeah, that would be my favorite feud. Another one of my favorites would be my epic battles with Nicky Oceans for the Jersey Shore title. Rhett Titus chased his title for well over a year, but due to time limits and disqualifications of that sort, he was able to hold onto the title until we wrestled at my high school in May where I defeated him for the title.”

• A background check on you revealed a video on YouTube of your ring introduction with Ru Paul’s Supermodel playing over it. Have you seen it, and what do you think of the fans reaction to you over your career?

Titus: ‘Actually, the guy, who made it, e-mailed it to me, and I got to check it out. Interesting little video that made me chuckle. As for the fans’ reactions to me, I could really give a crap about what the majority of the fans think of me. Rhett Titus doesn’t worry about how many stars some fat pig gave me. Rhett Titus only concentrates on a small demographic of the fans, and that’s the ladies, brother. As long as they are all screaming when I enter the ring, all is gravy baby.”

• The Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup is Friday, Sept. 26 at The New Lakes in the Regency Park Civic Center, 8330 Civic Dr., Port Richey, Fla. and Saturday, Sept. 27 at the Brooksville National Guard Armory, 16386 Springhill Dr., Brooksville, Fla.

The participants are Addicted To Love Rhett Titus (Ring of Honor), Gran Akuma (Chikara Pro), Jigsaw (Ring of Honor), Campus Legend Brad Attitude (former WWE development), Jaison Moore (Pro Wrestling Riot), Craig Classic (Big Japan Pro Wrestling), Nooie Lee (GEAR), Sweet and Sour Larry Sweeney (Ring of Honor/FIP), Kenny King (Ring of Honor/FIP), Sal Rinauro (Ring of Honor/G.E.A.R.), C.J. O’Doyle (Pro Wrestling Riot), Erick Stevens (Ring of Honor/Full Impact Pro), Tommy Taylor (former WWE Development), Jon Davis (Believe/D1PW), Chris Jones (Pro Wrestling Fusion) and Chris Gray (former WWE development).

The Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup in conjunction with the Tammie Hamaoui Foundation, Pro Wrestling Riot, World Wrestling Network and will be running this year’s tournament as fundraiser for Port Richey 2-year-old Devin Deschaine and his mom.
She is single and needs help paying the bills. He also has a few upcoming procedures his insurance won’t cover.

Devin is in Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer. About 600 children in the country will be diagnosed with Neuroblastoma each year. About 30 percent will survive.
In November 2002, independent wrestling star Jeff Peterson lost his long battle with cancer. On May 16, 2003, the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, a 16-competitor tournament in honor of the fallen star, debuted in Florida.

Previous winners of the annual tournament are Reckless Youth Tom Carter, Justice, Chris Sabin, Milano Collection AT and Chris Hero.

To purchase tickets or to make donations, go to

2008 Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup

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