Bill Banks Random Story: Finishing Another Company’s Angle

billbanks.jpgWe wish this had happened. Another story from Bill Bank’s MySpace:


There were certainly an abundance of crazy ideas that were hatched during my time in WCW. At one point, Vince Russo and Bill Busch considered offering OJ Simpson one million dollars to take a polygraph exam live on Nitro, but Turner management nixed it. My all-time personal favorite idea from WCW that was discussed, but never came to be, would be a first in wrestling history – finishing another company’s angle.

Shortly after I went to WCW, the WWF had a major storyline going where Steve Austin had been hit by a car, but the identity of the driver remained a secret. They kept the mystery going for several months before they concluded it. At the same time, Steve Austin was dating Debra.

During a car ride, Russo, Ed Ferrara and I discussed during the highpoint of the “Who Hit Austin?” angle that we would reveal the driver’s identity on a Monday Nitro broadcast. After a week of promoting it (so WWF wouldn’t have much time to react) we would air a sitdown interview with Steve “Mongo” McMichael, Debra’s former husband, who would take credit for hitting Austin out of jealous rage (live from jail since he had turned himself in). No one would know who it was until we did the live interview that night. It would have been perfect timing, and although Mongo had been out of the wrestling spotlight, he was still known to fans.

The idea never progressed because no one could find or get a hold of McMichael, who basically disappeared entirely by that point. Still, it might have been interesting if it happened.

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