Rick Flair in Embarrassing Domestic Fight

flair838ssk.jpgFormer professional wrestler Rick Flair is in the middle of an embarrassing incident involving drinking, domestic squabbling and the police that resulted in Rick Flair taking (and giving) a beating in a fight with his daughter’s 22-year-old boyfriend. No charges we laid against the men, but Flair’s daughter, Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr, has been charged for resisting police after the 22-year-old became belligerent and kicked an officer.

Chapel Hill police Lt. Kevin Gunter said Tuesday that neighbors called police about 2:30 a.m. Friday about a fight at an apartment in the city about 30 miles northwest of Raleigh. The fight was over when the police arrived, but the police followed a trail of blook to Fliehr’s apartment.

Ashley Fliehr told police the men had fought but it was over and things were fine. Officers found Flair on a bed in the back room and the boyfriend in another part of the apartment. Flair admitted to fighting with the boyfriend but didn’t want to press charges.

The Nature Boy has a temper. In 2005, Rick Flair was charged with road rage from an incident in Charlotte, N.C.

Everyone’s smiling in this shot and hoping the incident goes away quickly.

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