Two TNA Stars Quit Before Last Nights Taping

TNAKonnan and Ron Killings have quit working for TNA. Neither of which is that big of a surprise.

We reported several weeks back that TNA management halted the push of LAX. The reason given was that they needed a bigger commitment from Konnan. Konnan has openly stated that he is more committed to AAA than he is to TNA. With the fear of relying on someone who could leave at any time, management decided to drop LAX from being the hottest act in TNA to being a low midcard tag team.

Killings’ departure is even less of a surprise. While he was taking a couple of months away from the ring to recover from an injury, he made statements proclaiming his unhappiness with the company. It was actually quite a surprise to see Killings booked at the last minute for a match at Slammiversary.

Killings also made headlines recently due to an altercation with WWE Heavyweight Champion John Cena at an airport in North Carolina.

The loss of Killings isn’t going to hurt TNA too badly because he hasn’t really been a part of the main event scene for a while now. No word on whether or not the WWE would be interested in bringing him back. Killings is a talented worker when motivated, so anything is possible.

Losing Konnan is a big blow to TNA. His involvement with LAX made him one of the bright spots in TNA. His gimmick was quite popular with the internet wrestling community. Konnan has a lot of friction with WWE management, so a return there is highly unlikely.

According to reports, both wrestlers will begin working for AAA.

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