McMahon Murder Update: Feds Widen Search to Stamford, CT

The Late Vincent Kennedy McMahonSTAMFORD, Conn. – Federal authorities investigating the presumed death of Mr. McMahon visited the Chairman’s office at WWE corporate headquarters earlier this morning, and were seen loading what appeared to be hundreds of boxes into vans, has learned.

Sources close to the investigation say officials arrived at Titan Tower at 6 a.m. The federal officers, sources said, were gathering evidence in search of any clues in the apparent fiery demise of Mr. McMahon, who may have perished Monday night at the end of Raw when the limousine he had just entered exploded. So far, authorities have not recovered Mr. McMahon’s body or any of his remains.

Insisting that they could not comment on an ongoing investigation, FBI officials would not reveal what the agents were looking for or what they removed from the Chairman’s office. But according to one anonymous source, investigators rummaged through hundreds of McMahon’s files and dusted his office for fingerprints. They also, the source said, were seen taking the WWE visionary’s computers off the premises.

The agents were said to have spent three hours combing through files and removing materials. When they were finished, the Chairman’s office – which normally was filled with cabinets and state-of-art computers – had been stripped clean. Its carpeting had been removed, and normally organized bookshelves were left in disarray.

Federal authorities, sources said, are also looking at the Chairman’s e-mail and all of his writings for any clues. They are especially looking at anything he may have written in the last two weeks, when his behavior became increasingly erratic.

Will anything taken from Mr. McMahon’s office – any e-mail on his computers – provide any clues? Stay with for further updates on the investigation as details become available.

Log on later today as our reporters hope to talk to the lead detective in the federal investigation. In addition, tune in to SmackDown on Friday at 8/7 CT to find out the latest developments in the probe and watch the tribute to Mr. McMahon.

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